The Prismatic Tower

The Prismatic Tower was founded thousands of years ago in a nearly forgotten age. There are two primary opinions on why the Tower was founded – those being so that the Wizards of the tower would have more control and power over the world, and the other being the opposite such that Wizards would have less.

Whatever the truth is, the Prismatic tower is a force to be reckoned with in the world. All sanctioned users of Magic must be ordained within the tower and allowed to join the ranks of Wizards before they are allowed to roam freely throughout the world. While the Wizards must take the Three Oaths to become ordained, their influence still reaches far and wide.

Overall the Tower declares itself to be a neutral party outside of the affairs of Kings and normal men, and publicly states it’s only concern is for stability of the world and the combating of The Dark One and his minions wherever they appear. Many events in the past have been attributed to the machinations of the tower however, whether they be good or ill…


The potential for Magic is something that is inherent in the good races of the world. Some people are born with the ability naturally and can manifest powers before joining the tower, and some can be taught to bring the power out from them. Both types can reach untold heights of power, and seemingly make no difference in the levels they can attain.

While training to become a wizard, young ones are tested and brought into the tower. They begin their trial as “Novices”, forced to learn in classrooms and perform chores and other tasks for their higher ups until they can eventually be promoted. The next level is “Apprentice” whereupon they are assigned to a wizard for special training for however long is necessary before their Master recommends them for moving forward, at such time they are promoted to Wizard.

The tower itself is split up into Seven different factions, each of them labelled by colors, and each of them specializing in different fields of study or interest.

The colors are: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Violet, and Orange.

The Red faction, often called “Inquisitors”, primarily focuses itself on enforcing the will of the tower itself. Reds are excellent at combating enemy magic users, and specialize in hunting them down and following up on rumors of illicit Mages or Shadowsold in the area. The greatest of them hunt the Neverborn… though few survive such endeavors long.

The Green faction, often called “Battle Mages”, focus on the art of war on a larger scale. Greens generally have greater martial skill than others of the tower, and their Magic often excels at controlling battlefields and augmenting soldiers and troops to better fight. Typically Greens will hold high ranks in military matters, especially when it comes to fighting the armies marshaling themselves out of the Shadowlands.

The Blue faction, often called “Counselors”, focus on the political landscape – altering events and mediating among nations to foster greater peace among the kingdoms, or to avoid or end wars. Most often found as advisers to the most powerful people in the world, Blues typically follow their own agenda, or the greater agenda of the tower itself. Nevertheless, having a Wizard adviser from the Blue is often considered a sign of power and importance.

The White faction, often called “Healers”, focus on the study of biology and the advancement of healing magics. The most loved by the common people, Whites typically spend their time either roaming the countryside helping wherever they can and stopping epidemics before they occur or studying in the tower attempting to further their arts and knowledge. Necromancy falls under their purview, but they have strict guidelines they must follow, and hunt down those who break them mercilessly.

The Yellow faction, often called “Engineers”, focus on the study of mathematics and logic, and are responsible for planning and overseeing the construction and maintenance of the Prismatic City and of whatever defensive fortifications need to be created. Often coldly logical to the extreme, Yellows nevertheless are essential to the running of the City and the Tower itself, without them everything in the city would grind to a halt and the Shadowsold would overrun the defensive bastions of the Light,

The Violet faction, often called “Historians”, focus on collecting knowledge and storing it within the towers Libraries for future use and study. Learned in the history of the world and especially the Tower itself, the Violets either spend their time poring over ancient texts for valuable information and legends or roaming the world searching for artifacts and lost knowledge to bring into the fold.

The Orange faction, often called “Traders”, focus on the business of trade and amassing wealth. Oranges oversee production in the city and imports and exports that flow through it. Oftentimes goods will have their prices skyrocket or plummet based on speculation from the Orange, and through their mercantile power the tower remains one of the most wealthy factions in the world.

The Prismatic Tower

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